Нанг Ронг

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Nang Rong is a town in the Isaan region of Thailand.



Nang Rong is in no way itself a tourist destination, it is simply the nearest town to the Phanom Rung historical park and can therefore be a convenient place to stay for one wishing to visit Phanom Rung. That said, the fact that Nang Rong does not experience any tourism and is simply a perfectly normal Thai town makes it a interesting place to stay (for a short period of time) to experience the "real" Thailand.

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The bus station has fairly frequent services to Bangkok's Mo Chit (northern) bus terminal. To the south Chantaburi is served by buses that travel via the border town of Aranyaprathet. The major towns of Southern Isaan-[Buriram]], Khorat, Si Saket and Ubon Ratchathani-are all connected to Nang Rong by bus.

Get around

The tuk tuk and motorbike drivers that hang around the bus station are close to impossible to get a reasonable price out of. Fortunately, Nang Rong is small and if you know where you're going you can walk, importantly Honey Inn isn't that far. Even more fortunately, in the bus station there are several boards that give information about the town and the region, one of these boards has a plan of the town with accommodation marked. Take that you money-grabbing, farang-hating taxi shysters.


  • Phanom Rung Historical Park (Head east on highway 24 until the Ta Ko junction, turn right, then after a few km turn left. The route from Nang Rong is well sign posted. Total distance about 35km.). Prasat Hin Phanom Rung is a Hindu shrine dedicated to the God Shiva. It's an atmospheric pile in pretty good condition set on top of an extinct volcano. The surrounding land as far as the eye can see is flat plains, which make for some inspiring horizon gawping. 100b.
  • Prasat Hin Mueang Tam (8km beyond Phanom Rung. The route is well marked.). A Khmer sanctuary with outstanding architecture. Today, anyone can find sanctury in the peaceful gardens surrounding the ruins. If you have Teutonic organization skills, take a picnic. 100b.

A discounted ticket can be bought for both sites for 150b.


Rent a motorbike at Honey Inn and go for a country drive. The roads are in excellent condition. The drive up the hill to the temple has some brilliant viewing points. Isaan is poor an largely neglected by tourists, so take a diversion through the countryside and see rural Thailand. Arrange an early start and head out at dawn to avoid the scorching sun and tourist buses. Free maps and directions (enough to get you to the temples) are available at Honey Inn.


There's not much but there is at least a 7-eleven.


There's a smattering of cheap, pleasant, nondescript eateries. You won't starve.



Nangrong Hotel has very comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi for 500 baht a night. None of the staff spoke any English but they were very friendly and as helpful as they could be.

Honey Inn, 8/1 Soi Sri Koon (From the bus station head to the main road (24) and head right. Turn left between the tile shop and the hospital. Where the road turns left there is another lane continuing straight, Honey Inn is on the right about 20 metres up), +66 44 622 825, http://honeyinn.com/. Basic Fan or air-con rooms, free wifi or use of a computer (20b/hour), laundry serivce, and breakfast can be served in the morning. Motor bikes are available to rent (300 - 400 THB), making the temples accessible without requiring scheduled transport or a driver. 250-350Baht.


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